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Maricopa Integrated Health System - Arizona HFMA’s First Enterprise Member

By Kelly Ryan
Regional Director of Business Development
Healthcare Resource Group

If you attended the most recent AZ HFMA Chapter conference you got to hear Jeff Buehrle, Chapter President, talk about the HFMA Enterprise membership program and, applaud the Chapter’s first Enterprise Member – Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS). The MIHS team saw the value and took advantage of this revolutionary approach to membership providing a cost effective access to HFMA value across the organization. Just in case you didn’t get the update here’s the 411 on this exciting program and why MIHS embraced it.

Historically, HFMA membership has been an individual offering. But, with organizational education budgets tightening it has become more difficult to provide this valuable resource to all that would benefit. Introduction of the HFMA Enterprise Membership program addressed that challenge by providing a cost-effective group membership delivering education, knowledge sharing and networking across the organization. 

“We did the math and looked at what we were paying for education and training from other organizations and it just made sense”, noted Nancy Kaminski, Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle at MIHS. “The Enterprise Membership is a great pricing model that allows us the ability to offer quality education and training to all levels of employees – something we couldn’t do in the past.”  “I would challenge other organizations like ours to look critically at the ROI and opportunity the program provides- it’s well worth it ”, noted Kaminski.

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