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President's Message

“Nobody can really guarantee the future. The best we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risks
involved, estimate our ability to deal with them and make our plans with confidence.”
Henry Ford II

Those folks who know me are aware that I like to start a meeting, board report etc. with a thought or quote of
the day. I thought this was appropriate regarding our current state of the healthcare universe.
The National HFMA theme for FY 2018 is “Where Passion Meets Purpose” as chosen by Carol Friesen, our
current National Chair of the HFMA Board of Directors. “It’s where the magic happens, where goals are
achieved, and where the impossible becomes possible. Requires us to be present, innovative, and grateful –
and to never forget “why” we do “what” we do.”
My local theme for the Az Chapter is “Rock and Roll.” I initially came up with this idea as I am an avid music
memorabilia collector and enjoy listening to classic rock such as Van Halen, AC/DC and Def Leppard. Back in
the day, when I did have hair, hair bands were a staple of my record collection. But, as I pondered the current
healthcare climate, I believe we will all need to Rock and Roll in this space as well to survive. We are all aware
that we, in healthcare, love acronyms. I will be aging myself, but I remember starting out in healthcare finance
and being introduced to HCFA, DRGs, AHCCCS, PMPM, HMO, PPO and a myriad of others. Today we have the
CMS, ACA, AHCA, BCRA, P4P, and Triple AIM among others. As I am preparing this message, congress is
currently still up in the air about the “repeal and replace” healthcare proposals on the table. As various leaders
around Arizona have commented, some of the plans on the table could potentially endanger approximately
400,000 AHCCCS/Medicaid enrollees. Gov. Doug Ducey has even said that Arizona would be penalized unfairly
by being an “early expander”. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Wherever we end up, a new
set of challenges will be on the horizon.
I am honored and excited to be your President for FY 2018. I have enjoyed being a part of the leadership team
and look forward to a fabulous year. It wasn’t that many years ago that Connie Perez suggested to Greg
Wojtal, both who are Past Presidents, that he reach out to me about joining the board. Serving as a volunteer
with HFMA has been a highlight of my professional career. As may be discussed in another section of this
newsletter, we have created the role of Volunteer Coordinator. Mike Kennedy, a Past President, has graciously
accepted this role. Please reach out to Mike if you would like to volunteer to be on a committee, assist with
volunteering at conferences or any other activity. We will only be as successful as our volunteers allow.
Annual National Institute is an opportunity to celebrate the success of individual chapters over the past fiscal
year. Arizona was awarded four chapter and two multi-chapter Yerger awards for special recognition. We also
won a Silver Award for Education and Bronze Awards for both Certification and Membership. We also took
home a Hottum Award for Educational Performance Improvement. Congratulations to all those involved in the
President’s Message
hard work that it took to achieve these honors! Past President Ryan Reiff and the Executive Team definitely
set the bar even higher for this year!
We came oh-so-close to winning the Shelton Award, which recognizes a chapter’s drive for continuous
improvement over the course of five years. It would have been great to win this award, but our main goal for
each year is to provide excellent educational and networking opportunities. Maybe FY 2018 will be the year!
We are looking forward to our annual Fall Conference in October in Tucson and the Region 10/11 Western
Symposium in January in Las Vegas. Bart Shea and his Program/Education committee are working on one-day
events in various locations throughout the state such as a possible road show with The Hertel Report’s State of
the State meetings and partnering with AzHIMA and AzMGMA.
In closing, the current state of flux in the healthcare reimbursement space will have us navigating the
“Hysteria” that will occur, to “Jump” through hoops and get us closer to “Back in Black!” It will take some good
time “Rockin and Rollin” to move us all forward!
Trivia: Which 1980’s rock band had a one-armed drummer and what is his name? The first non-Az HFMA
Board Member and non-Past President who gets back to me with the correct answers will receive a $25 gift
card from me.

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Membership Update

Hidden Trash and DIRTTy Walls

Samantha Brodt

The office at Goodmans Interior Structures is part functional workspace, part art museum, part showroom…and all
As part of the “Nap & Learn” networking event and happy hour held on May 10th we got a tour of their incredible
building from 3rd generation owner Adam Goodman, whose family started the locally owned office furniture business in
Phoenix in 1954. Over some artisanal snacks, craft beer and wine, Adam told us about Goodmans’ approach to creating
truly collaborative spaces where employees are encouraged to move around, huddle up and even take naps.
The “Energy Pod” allows employees to downshift during the day and grab a brief nap to boost energy, help focus
attention, and promote well-being. Citing Ariana Huffington’s book Sleep Revolution, Adam explained that “sleep is as
important to our health and well-being as it is to our workday performance”. Jim Hammond chivalrously volunteered to
test drive the Energy Pod, proclaiming it to be the perfect spot for a midday nap.
Attendees engaged in a lively dialogue about the clinically proven benefits (physical, emotional and fiscal) of tactical
breathing, as Shawn Bradford, CEO of Breathe & Work, led us through a guided exercise to help release tension and
reduce stress. The wine *may have* helped a little with that also.
In addition to making workspaces more functional, Goodmans is helping to make them less expensive. A revolutionary
system called DIRTT allows for customizable prefab walls that can be installed in renovations or new builds in a fraction
of the time. DIRTT has a clinical solution as well, designed for physicians and practitioners. (Check out
https://www.dirtt.net/healthcare for more information!)

The networking event was a great opportunity to connect with peers, colleagues and new friends. Special thanks to
Adam and his team for hosting the event, providing a fun and memorable tour of the office, and supplying a Colin Firth
lookalike (just ask Leslie Flake!).
If you’re interested in learning how hiding your trash cans can make your team
more efficient, or are curious about the Star Trek Command Center desk, please
stop in and say hello to Adam Goodman. Tell him HFMA sent ya!
Special thanks to our friends and partners – Goodmans Interiors and Breathe &


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Welcome New Members

Many thanks to the individuals and organizations who support membership for our chapter. Below is a listing of new
members who have joined our community. Thanks to each and every new member and transfer-in. Welcome!

Julia White
Jim Hardwick – Medpricer
Cecilia Cruce – El Rio Community Health Center
Diana Robles - El Rio Community Health Center
Belen Osuna - El Rio Community Health Center
Rosa Bell - El Rio Community Health Center
Irma Loya - El Rio Community Health Center
Chelsea Maddox – Keyser
David Ray – Medix
Steve Taylor – Banner University Medicine/University of Arizona
Eleanora Kee – Tsehootsooi Medical Center
Matt Wandoloski – BCBSAZ
Mariah Smith – HonorHealth Research Institute
Sarah Bird – nThrive
Donna Esposito – Aetna/MMIC
Benjamin Mitchell
Martha Sims-Green – Health Tec Systems
Erin Wlahovich – Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Terrell Coleman – Fitzmaurice Hand Institute

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HERe Update

The Top 9 Reasons to attend HERe (so good we only need 9)

The award-winning, 5th annual Women Lead HERe Conference is just around the corner. Here are the top 9 reasons to
block your calendar for Friday, Nov. 3, and plan to attend.

#9 – THE VENUE. Wrigley Mansion offers sweeping views of the city and is steeped in history and elegance. The HERe
Conference has exclusive use of the building for the day, and will be offering guided tours through this amazing site at
the end of the conference.

#8 – LEARNING. Dr. Brene Brown’s book Rising Strong will serve as the central conference theme. Throughout the day,
attendees will learn how to apply Dr. Brown’s teachings to their own lives through keynote speakers and facilitated
breakout sessions. Each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

#7 – COMMUNITY. Over 200 of the most dynamic female leaders in the region will be in attendance. With designated
opportunities for networking and making focused connections, the HERe conference is an exceptional environment to
interact with the women leaders in healthcare, business, entrepreneurship and philanthropy who are making dynamic
impacts in the world.

#6 – THE KEYNOTE SPEAKERS. The conference kickoff will come from Vanessa Ruiz, former Channel 12 News anchor,
and current Borderlands Coverage Director for ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism. Midday, we’ll hear from Karina
Bland of Arizona Republic fame. Finally, our afternoon keynote will be delivered by Dr. Connie Mariano, who served as
the White House physician for three standing presidents. These speakers will share authentic personal stories that
reveal their struggles and successes.

#5 – FACILITATED BREAKOUTS. For the first time, HERe will feature breakout sessions that are designed to provide
focused avenues for developing specific skills. Topics include building confidence through assertive communication,
mastering the art of stress management, negotiation skills, energy essentials, foundational financial planning and more.
Each is closely aligned with the Rising Strong theme.

#4 – RAFFLE PRIZES. Each participant will receive one raffle ticket with registration, with the ability to purchase
additional tickets, with proceeds going to the American Heart Association. Throughout the day, fabulous prizes (purses,
jewelry, gift cards, etc.) are given away to raffle winners. All tickets are re-entered for the grand prize – a week’s lodging
in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (courtesy of our friends at Progressive Management Services).

#3 – INSPIRATION. There’s no shortage of inspiration at HERe events, and the 5th annual conference will be no
difference. Without a doubt, participants will be inspired and in awe of the speakers and the community in attendance.

#2 – DEVELOPMENT. Investing in your own personal and professional development is always a sure bet.

#1 – IT COULD SAVE A LIFE. We’ll spend time exploring the clinical facts and emotional survivorship stories around the
#1 killer of women: heart disease. We’re proud to partner with Go Red For Women and the American Heart Association
to provide a panel that showcases what you need to know about misconceptions, recognizing the symptoms, prevention
and management of this disease.

Interested in hearing more? Join our Facebook Community (https://www.facebook.com/ArizonaHERe) for sneak peeks
and updates or contact Samantha Brodt (Samantha.Brodt@ge.com). Limited sponsorship opportunities are still
available. Open registration will begin 9/3/17.

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Program Update

Bart Shea

The HFMA chapter year started June 1 and since then the Program Committee has been working hard to secure great
content for everyone attending the Fall Conference. Tucson is always a great turn out and the theme this year is “Get
Tuned In – 80’s Rock Music”. We have received confirmation that our National HFMA Chair, Carol Friesen will be
speaking on Friday, October 13th at 8:00am. She was a presenter at this year’s Leadership Training Conference; she is a
great speaker. We will also have a CFO panel on Thursday mid-afternoon. Other items we are working towards this year
include teaming up with The Hertel Report for a Value Based Healthcare one-day conference in Phoenix and putting
together a road show that will be held in Prescott and Flagstaff - topics include Data Analytics and Managed Care
As always, please let us know if you would like to become more involved. We will need volunteers to help
distribute/collect the evaluations & distribute presentations during the conference. Lastly, AzHFMA needs
presentations, so if you have a great presentation that you would like to submit to the chapter, we will review them for
future programming idea. Please submit presentations to bart.shea@gmail.com.

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Sponsorship Update

Leslie Flake

Healthcare reform is requiring health systems to confront operating, strategic, and cost pressures. Payment reform is
requiring providers to improve quality, utilization, and patient experience. As a result of these vast changes in
healthcare today; health systems, medical groups, and health plans are seeking outsourced services for which they don't
have the expertise internally. Due to this shift to increased outsourcing, Az HFMA has put together a Sponsorship
Services Grid to help members find companies that provide such necessary services. This will be a great resource for
members and will be published on the Az HFMA website in the month of August!
We are making exciting changes to our sponsorship benefits this year! In an effort to engage more providers in our
conferences, we are adding provider conference attendance coupons to the sponsorship benefits so that sponsors can
give these coupons to providers to attend any conference/one-day event at no cost! More information will be emailed
to our Annual Sponsors in the next few weeks.
We look forward to seeing all of our Sponsors at our upcoming Fall Conference in Tucson!

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Volunteer Update

Mike Kennedy

Ask not what AZHFMA can do for you, ask what you can do for AZHFMA.
Our Chapter is only as strong as our members who volunteer. We all benefit from HFMA
in different ways, so giving a little back is good karma. Whether it is volunteering your
time to help out at a Chapter event or joining a committee, I ask each of you to offer a
little of your time to help keep our Chapter strong. Volunteering can take many shapes:
our Program Committee needs people to contribute ideas and content for our upcoming
educational events, our Communications Committee needs your social media skills and
the Membership Committee needs your help to reach out to new members and contact
past members. There is also our Sponsorship Committee which is always looking for
additional people to help make those all-important sponsorship calls. Please feel free to
reach out to me if you want to volunteer, but just don’t know where to start. I can be
reached at michael.kennedy@commercebank.com.
Remember: AZHFMA is what you make it, so help us make it the best it can be!

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Calling All Social Media Guru’s!

Email Communications Committee Chair, Joan Goda, dgoda@gmail.com.

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