2019 HERe Speaker Presentations and Attendee List

Thank you so much for attending the 2019 HERe Conference; we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! The speaker presentations and attendee list have been posted below for your convenience. 

Speaker Presentations

 Cultivating Resilience - Bailey Currey, MSW and Rebecca Christ, MSW, MPA

Dare to Lead - Charlene Grabowski

Finding Food Freedom - Carrie Moody, RDN

How to Unlock Your Full Potential -  Michelle Coffey

Stepping Out of the Perfection Race - Andrea Robinsom

The KonMari Method at Work: How Clutter is Affecting Your Creativity & Productivity -  Karina Tomaine

2019 HERe Attendee List 

Please contact Az HFMA Executive Director, Megan Calles, if you need a CE Certificate or have any questions. 





Photos below provided by Denise Karis Branding Photography