2019 HERe Speaker Presentations and Attendee List

Thank you so much for attending the 2019 HERe Conference; we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! The speaker presentations and attendee list have been posted below for your convenience. 

Speaker Presentations

 Cultivating Resilience - Bailey Currey, MSW and Rebecca Christ, MSW, MPA

Dare to Lead - Charlene Grabowski

Finding Food Freedom - Carrie Moody, RDN

How to Unlock Your Full Potential -  Michelle Coffey

Stepping Out of the Perfection Race - Andrea Robinsom

The KonMari Method at Work: How Clutter is Affecting Your Creativity & Productivity -  Karina Tomaine

2019 HERe Attendee List 

Please contact Az HFMA Executive Director, Megan Calles, if you need a CE Certificate or have any questions. 

Fresh Start Women's Foundation 

It was our honor to work with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation at our 2019 Women Lead HERe conference. By joining us a breakout session leader and philanthropic partner,
we had the opportunity to get to know the organization and truly understand the impact they have within our community. 

Since 1992, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation has transformed lives by providing education, resources and support to women in all walks of life.
If you would like to personally support this valuable community resource – or if you know someone who would benefit from the services it provides – please visit their website here.

A huge thank you to Rebecca Christ and Built From Scratch Studios for capturing the energy and essence of our 2019 Women Lead HERe conference.





Photos below provided by Denise Karis Branding Photography