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Scottsdale-based rehabilitation center projects $2.5M expansion

Scottsdale Recovery Center, a rehabilitation facility for adults dealing with drug or alcohol abuse, plans to expand within the next few months with the addition of three new facilities.

The estimated $2.5 million expansion is part of a plan to have 100 beds across all levels of care by the end of 2017, said owner and founder Chris Cohn. He added the expansion is primarily being funded by private investors.

The center, which opened in 2008, still has a ways to go to reach that 100 bed goal with only 38 beds available within its current programming under a partial hospitalization/intensive outpatient license.

Under the current license, patients undergo treatment for five to six hours a day at a 38,000-square foot facility near the corner of Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard, while living in two recovery homes owned by the Scottsdale Recovery Center.

The recovery homes are supervised 24 hours a day and have a therapist on site, said Cohn. In addition, the homes amenities such as pools and basketball courts, and patients are provided with healthy and organic meals.

Two of the upcoming facilities will be residential inpatient treatment facilities, which Cohn said will allow the organization to provide the “highest level of care offering a full detox from every type of drug or alcohol that people get addicted to.”

Doctors and nurses will be on site to provide both traditional and holistic treatments, including music and equine therapy, yoga, meditation, interventions and medical detoxes. As a result of the expansion, the center wants to hire at least 15 new doctors and therapists.

“We have a very high success rate of people coming to our program for 60 or 90 days and never picking up a drink again,” said Cohn. “That’s the goal. The goal is long term sobriety.”

Cohn said in the center’s most recent census of 450 clients, there was a 72 percent success rate for long-term sobriety. On average patients are in the program for 60 days but some stay up to 120, depending on the individual’s personal needs.

To fulfill the long-term goal of having 100 beds by the end of 2017, Cohn said the center also wants to expand north into Sedona, then looking to Newport Beach, California, Houston, Texas and the states of Oregon and Washington.

Sayo Akao, Editorial Intern, Phoenix Business Journal.