Arizona Healthcare Financial Management Association (AZHFMA)

State - Chapter Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Plan 2015-17

 Chapter Balanced Score Card (CBSC)

The CBSC is an aid to chapters in goal setting and checking performance related to key chapter activities. For the 2015-2016 Program Year, the Chapter's will be listed below followed by the chart that lists the nine elements and the points for each if the chapter goal is achieved in May 2016.

CBSC Element - - - 2015-16 Weight

Education (Registrant Hours per Member) - - - 30 points
Target: Lesser of 16.2 hours per member or 0.5% growth plus Chapter must report Education Evaluation statistics using the HFMA Education Evaluation Form for their Top Three Attended Events

Membership - - - 20 points
Target: Equivalent of HFMA overall goal

Member Satisfaction - - - 20 points
Target: Lesser of 55% very or extremely satisfied or 5 percentage points improvement over the prior year's score

Certification - - - 15 points
Target: Either % certified members => May 1 HFMA average (8.2%) OR 5% improvement over the previous year's certified member percentage (Must be at least 1 member)

Days Cash on Hand - - - 5 points
Target: chapter performance between 150 - 600 days (inclusive)

DCMS On-time Reporting of Chapter Requirements - - - 5 points
Target: On-time reporting of all DCMS requirements

Chapter Board Composition - - - 5 points
Chapter Board composition to reflect 40% provider percentage.

Total Points (TPL) - - - 100 points

*Threshold Performance Level (TPL)
Chapter Advancement Plans are required for chapters < TPL 60 points

*If a chapter does not achieve The Threshold Performance Level (TPL) of 60 points, then a Chapter Achievement Plan is required to be submitted. This details how the chapter plans to meet its goals.