Arizona Healthcare Financial Management Association (AZHFMA)

State - Member Awards

FOLLMER/BRONZE Award Recipients

NameChapter Member when EarnedYear Awarded
Lyon H. Woodruff, CPAArizona Chapter1969
Laurence J. Peterson, CPAMaryland Chapter1972
Gerald W. Fuller, FHFMAMaine Chapter1973
Phyllis C. RorisonGreat Lakes Chapter1974
Larry J. Smith, CPAHawaii Chapter1982
Larry J. SmithIndiana Pressler Memorial Chapter1982
Randall B. Luster, FHFMA, CPACentral Ohio Chapter1983
Pixie G. Hylton, CHFPArizona Chapter1984
Paul R. PeachArizona Chapter1985
James F. Haynes, CPAArizona Chapter1985
Arnold P. Silver, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1985
Thomas W. Van SlyckArizona Chapter1986
Kenneth M. Webdale, FHFMA, CPAWestern New York Chapter1987
Rex H. Lee, FHFMA, CPAWestern Michigan Chapter1987
Gary A. Pea, FHFMAWisconsin Chapter1987
Bonnie K. GreenArizona Chapter1987
Virginia L. Roberts, CPAArizona Chapter1987
Edwin J. Harris, CPAMontana Chapter1988
Honey PivirottoConnecticut Chapter1990
Robert M. Cherner, FHFMAArizona Chapter1990
Brian L. HoefleArizona Chapter1990
Deborah M. StevensArizona Chapter1990
Robert L. PalmerMinnesota Chapter1990
Allen D. Charlesworth, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1991
David R. LamparterArizona Chapter1991
Dennis E. Dahlen, CPANorth Dakota Chapter1991
A. Bruce Candland, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1991
Joyce M. Graham, CPAArizona Chapter1992
Kenneth H. Cohen, CPAFlorida Chapter1992
Deborah L. Bonicelli, CPAArizona Chapter1993
Pitt R. Calkin, CPAArizona Chapter1993
Patrick T. Walz, CPAIowa Chapter1993
Michael P. McAnder, FHFMAArizona Chapter1994
James A. Puffenberger, CPANorthwest Ohio Chapter1994
Douglas O. Bristol, CPAArizona Chapter1994
John F. Dempsey, FHFMAWestern Michigan Chapter1995
Paul R. DzurindaNortheast Ohio Chapter1995
Robert A. LundNorth Dakota Chapter1995
Elizabeth A. MooreArizona Chapter1995
John E. McEnroe Jr.Alabama Chapter1995
Gregory G. Wojtal, CPAWisconsin Chapter1995
James R. Hopkins, FHFMAShow-Me of Missouri Chapter1995
Thomas G. HajnyWisconsin Chapter1995
Thomas L. Potts, FHFMAOregon Chapter1995
Christopher P. Andrew, CHFPArizona Chapter1996
Andris G. Grasis, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1996
Charles L. Hummel, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1996
Timothy J. Hyland, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1996
Lawrence A. RobertsColorado Chapter1997
Robert S. SmullMetro Philadelphia Chapter1997
Susan L. WatchmanArizona Chapter1997
Ruby K. Majhail, CPAEastern Michigan Chapter1997
Dennis V. Good, CPAFirst Illinois Chapter1997
Jeff A. Buehrle, CPAArizona Chapter1998
Pam D. NalleyArizona Chapter1998
Mary Lee DeCosterArizona Chapter1998
Charles S. Staeheli Jr.Arizona Chapter1998
John A. Orsini, CPASouthern California Chapter1998
Chuck HeimerdingerArizona Chapter1998
Dennis L. LarawayNortheastern New York Chapter1998
Kevin J. Burns, CPAArizona Chapter1999
Betsy A. SullivanArizona Chapter1999
Richard M. HartArizona Chapter1999
Patrick J. McNamaraArizona Chapter2000
Carolyn G. PaceArizona Chapter2000
Ilona M. Doyle, CPAM, CCAMArizona Chapter2000
Gregory L. BurbridgeArizona Chapter2000
Bruce J. Norton, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter2000
Brent T. Cherne, FHFMA, CPAIndiana Pressler Memorial Chapter2000
Alan W. Germany, FHFMA, CPAArkansas Chapter2000
Terrence M. BrennanArizona Chapter2001
Richard B. BurnhamArizona Chapter2001
Albert R. MenierArizona Chapter2002
Susan M. HornbostelArizona Chapter2002
Linda J. EichenbergerArizona Chapter2002
Curtis A. UllmanArizona Chapter2002
David W. ChohonArizona Chapter2002
John R. StrasserArizona Chapter2002
Gerald T. Miron, CPAArizona Chapter2002
Antoinette L. SheenVirginia Chapter2003
Bruce D. ShortSouthern California Chapter2003
Gregory A. Pivirotto, CPAArizona Chapter2003
Michael D. BuhlArizona Chapter2003
David G. Covert, CPAArizona Chapter2004
Patricia B. Gentry, CPAMArizona Chapter2004
Susan E. Bernhard-IrwinArizona Chapter2004
Susanna K. Laundy, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter2004
Linda Hall CPAMOregon Chapter 2005
James D. Hammond, Jr.Arizona Chapter2005
Branch McNealArizona Chapter2005
Susan Willis, CPAArizona Chapter2005
Louise M. BridgesArizona Chapter2006
Maria L. PersonsArizona Chapter2006
Todd N. DixonArizona Chapter2007
Marjorie N. SissonArizona Chapter2008
Susan L. Eggman Arizona Chapter  2009
Michael S. KennedyArizona Chapter  2009
Connie Perez, CHFP Arizona Chapter 2009
Su S. Tucker, FHFMA Arizona Chapter 2009
Jana L. Zacher Arizona Chapter 2009
Ethel A. Hoffman, FHFMAArizona Chapter 2010 
Jeff T. O'Malley Arizona Chapter2010 
Tim Robertson Arizona Chapter 2010 
Kathie KirklandArizona Chapter  2012
Charles E. Ribbe, CPA Arizona Chapter
Jason S. Metcalf, FHFMA Arizona Chapter
Ryan Reiff, CPA, CHFP Arizona Chapter 2014
Scott W. Trenter
Arizona Chapter
Alan W. Newberg, FHFMA
Arizona Chapter
Kurt R. Loveless Arizona Chapter
Mary K. O'Hara
Arizona Chapter

REEVES/SILVER Award Recipients

Gerald W. Fuller, FHFMAMaine Chapter1975
Lyon H. Woodruff, CPAArizona Chapter1981
Laurence J. Peterson, CPAMaryland Chapter1984
Randall B. Luster, FHFMA, CPACentral Ohio Chapter1986
Pixie G. Hylton, CHFPArizona Chapter1987
Paul R. Peach, FHFMAArizona Chapter1988
James F. Haynes, CPAArizona Chapter1989
Larry J. SmithKentucky Chapter1989
Larry J. Smith, CPATexas Gulf Coast Chapter1989
Rex H. Lee, FHFMA, CPAWestern Michigan Chapter1990
Kenneth M. Webdale, FHFMA, CPAWestern New York Chapter1990
Bonnie K. GreenArizona Chapter1990
Virginia L. Roberts, CPAArizona Chapter1990
Honey PivirottoConnecticut Chapter1992
Allen D. Charlesworth, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1994
Deborah M. StevensArizona Chapter1994
Dennis E. Dahlen, CPANorth Dakota Chapter1994
Robert M. Cherner, FHFMAArizona Chapter1994
A. Bruce Candland , FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1995
Brian L. HoefleArizona Chapter1995
Michael P. McAnder, FHFMAArizona Chapter1997
Elizabeth A. MooreArizona Chapter1998
Timothy J. Hyland, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1999
Arnold P. Silver, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1999
Thomas L. Potts, FHFMAOregon Chapter1999
Gregory G. Wojtal, CPAWisconsin Chapter2000
James R. HopkinsShow-Me of Missouri Chapter2000
Pitt R. Calkin, CPALouisiana Chapter2000
Thomas G. HajnyWisconsin Chapter2000
Pam D. NalleyArizona Chapter2001
Christopher P. Andrew, CHFPArizona Chapter2001
Deborah L. Bonicelli, CPAArizona Chapter2001
Mary Lee DeCosterArizona Chapter2001
Kevin J. Burns, CPAArizona Chapter2002
Gary A. Pea, FHFMAArizona Chapter2002
John E. McEnroe Jr.Arizona Chapter2002
Chuck HeimerdingerArizona Chapter2003
Edwin J. Harris, CPAArizona Chapter2003
John A. Orsini, CPAArizona Chapter2003
Thomas W. Van SlyckArizona Chapter2003
Douglas O. Bristol CPAArizona Chapter2005
David W. ChohonArizona Chapter2005
Betsy A. SullivanArizona Chapter2005
Terrence M. BrennanArizona Chapter2006
Jeff A. Buehrle CPAArizona Chapter2007
Patricia B. GentryArizona Chapter2007
Maria L. PersonsArizona Chapter2008
Todd N. DixonArizona Chapter  2009 
Bruce J. Norton, FHFMA, CPA Arizona Chapter  2010 
Susan Eggman
Arizona Chapter2011
Connie Perez FHFMAArizona Chapter 2011
Tim Robertson
Arizona Chapter
Susan Lynne Eggman
Arizona Chapter
Linda D. Hall, CHFP
Arizona Chapter
Michael J. Kennedy
Arizona Chapter
Susan L. Watchman
Arizona Chapter
Ryan Reiff, FHFMA, CPA Arizona Chapter
Matthew E. Cox Arizona Chapter
Jason Metcalf, FHFMA Arizona Chapter

MUNCIE/GOLD Award Recipients

Gerald W. Fuller, FHFMAMaine Chapter1978
Lyon H. Woodruff, CPAArizona Chapter1982
Pixie G. Hylton, CHFPArizona Chapter1990
Paul R. Peach, FHFMAArizona Chapter1990
James F. Haynes, CPAArizona Chapter1992
Virginia L. Roberts, CPAArizona Chapter1993
Larry J. SmithKentucky Chapter1995
Honey PivirottoConnecticut Chapter1995
Dennis E. Dahlen, CPANorth Dakota Chapter1996
Larry J. Smith, CPANorthern California Chapter1996
Allen D. Charlesworth, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1997
Rex H. Lee, FHFMA, CPAWestern Michigan Chapter1997
Bonnie K. GreenArizona Chapter1997
Robert M. Cherner, FHFMAArizona Chapter1997
Kenneth M. Webdale, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter1999
Randall B. Luster, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter2000
A. Bruce Candland, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter2000
Elizabeth A. MooreArizona Chapter2001
James R. Hopkins, FHFMAShow-Me of Missouri Chapter2002
Laurence J. Peterson, CPALone Star Chapter2002
Brian L. HoefleArizona Chapter2003
Christopher P. Andrew, CHFPArizona Chapter2003
Timothy J. Hyland, FHFMA, CPAArizona Chapter2003
Mary Lee DeCosterArizona Chapter2004
Pam D. NalleyArizona Chapter2004
Deborah L. Bonicelli, CPAArizona Chapter2006
John A. Orsini, CPAArizona Chapter2006
Gary A. Pea, FHFMAArizona Chapter2006
David W. ChohonArizona Chapter2007
Terrence M. Brennan FHFMAArizona Chapter2008
Jeff A. Buehrle CPAArizona Chapter2008
Patricia B. Gentry Arizona Chapter 2009 
Robert S. Smull Arizona Chapter 2009
Greg G. Wojtal, CPA Arizona Chapter2009 
Todd Dixon
Arizona Chapter 2011
Jim HammondArizona Chapter 2011
Michael J. Kennedy
Arizona Chapter
Jeffrey T. O'Malley
Arizona Chapter
Jennifer L. Erickson, CPA
Arizona Chapter 2015
Kelly Ryan
Arizona Chapter

MEDAL OF HONOR Award Recipients

Gerald W. Fuller, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1991
Pixie G. Hylton, CHFPArizona Chapter1994
Robert M. Cherner, FHFMAArizona Chapter2001
James F. Haynes, CPAArizona Chapter2001
David W. Chohon
Arizona Chapter 2010
Mary Lee DeCoster
Arizona Chapter  2010