Arizona Healthcare Financial Management Association (AZHFMA)

State - Committees

Members who volunteer to serve on the chapter's committees are very important to the success of the chapter. Their active participation is valued and is essential to the success of the committee and their fellow committee members.  For that reason, all committee members are urged to read the Committee Member Participation Policy so that the commitment is understood and confirmed.

2017-2018 Committees

Communications  Become Involved
Provide Members with alternate avenues to stay informed as to what is taking place within healthcare nationally, state-wide, and within our local chapter

Joan Goda, Chair
Charles T. Collyer
Julie Kuhns
Michael D. Reis
Kelly Ryan

Membership  Become Involved
Membership promotes HFMA to the membership through education sessions and other communication methods. The committee is broken down into three sub-groups:
 New Membership – Encourages new membership to those who have used HFMA services in the past 2 years and to other health care organizations and works with educational facilities to encourage faculty and student membership to boost membership of future healthcare leaders.
     · Member Retention – Surveys members who have not renewed, engages new and existing members through orientation breakfasts and other networking events to demonstrate the benefits of membership.
     · Member Satisfaction – Reviews, monitors, and acts on the employee survey to
improve member satisfaction within the chapter

Samantha Brodt
   New Membership
Terry Brennan
Sara Eversden
Diane Jones
Caroline Kolman
Adam Schlamp
Peter Sullivan
Nick Warner
Josh Wilson

Program  Become Involved
Objective is to provide members with timely and pertinent education opportunities to further their organizations and personal knowledge

Bart Shea - Chair
Kathie Kirkland - Co-Chair
Chris Andrew                                                    
Sean Arleth                                                      
Bob Booz
Terry Brennan
Mary Lee DeCoster
Todd Dixon
Daniel Dreblow
Zachary Fee
Joan Goda
Jim Hammond, Jr.
Jim Haynes
Diane Jones
Michael Kennedy
Jenny Lewis-Whelan
Chelsea Maddox
Jason Metcalf
Ryan Reiff
Chuck Ribbe
Elizabeth Ricafort
Glenn Schulke
Joel Vigil
Mike Webdale, Jr.

Sponsorship  Become Involved
The primary goal is getting sponsors for the chapter and associated events including:
     · Annual sponsorships
     · Exhibit and Conference Sponsorship, Event Coordination
     · One-day and Special Event Sponsorship (I.E. sponsors for happy hours and other
     one-day or smaller events)

Leslie Flake - Chair
Liz Ricafort - Co-Chair
Apoorve Jain
Kathy O'Hara
Susan Ruchin
Scott Trenter

Certification  Become Involved
Terry Brennan, FHFMA - Chair 
Ryan Hartman

Holly Timpf
Joel Vigil